Fighting Against The Cycle:

When people have been sent to jail or prison, it can have a terrible effect on them and their families. Friends Outside in Los Angeles County (FOLA) is there to help. We help individuals deal with the impact of incarceration through specialized services and programs.  Our clients get assistance with the financial, emotional, and personal impact of incarceration in many, meaningful ways:

  • Maintaining family bonds (when mutually desired),
  • Helping families support their children while a parent or other family member behind bars,
  • Dealing  with the stigmatization of being a prisoner or having a family member who is prisoner,
  • Obtaining and maintaining employment, and
  • Reintegration into the community.

Our strengths-based approach to services helps our clients to develop and follow-through with their plans for reaching their goals, while emphasizing that they have to do Our services are provided by nonjudgmental staff who motivate, encourage, and support our clients to reach their goals.

Learn more about our programs, find important phone numbers of those who can help, request more information or set an appointment, and download helpful brochures to help you make that first step towards a successful life outside.