Working Together to Navigate The Criminal Justice System

Many clients have multiple needs which require communication across multiple people, social service providers, and government agencies. FOLA staff advocates for our clients to access other need services and to communicate with government agencies. The staff also provides expertise about and access to the criminal justice system which can help other organizations better understand and serve our clients.

Are you a public defender or private attorney? Do you have defendants who qualify for substance abuse treatment in lieu of jail time? Are you too busy to do the necessary footwork
to place defendants into treatment programs?

Friends Outside in Los Angeles County can help. Our PATA (Placement and Transportation Assistance for Incarcerated Substance Abusers) program has placed hundreds of inmates into treatment.
We provide:

  • Assessment of defendant before court appearance;
  • Contact and follow-up with reputable treatment programs until space is found;
  • Confirmation of placement forwarded to you prior to court;
  • Transportation of defendant to treatment program;
  • On-going follow-up regarding the defendant’s status with you and other interested parties, including judges and probation officers.

Our one-time fees are billable through “PACE”, and include the following services: $200/defendant: Assessment, Placement, Transportation, and On-going Follow-up for the duration of treatment.
 $100/defendant: Transportation and On-going Follow-up for the duration of treatment. An additional $50 surcharge is added to any transports over 40 miles (one-way).

Next Steps

Please fax a signed PACE appointment order and signed court order to Martin Sosa at (626) 795-1476. The court order must specify the release of your defendant as follows: “only to a representative of Friends Outside for transport to (name of program).” A signed appointment order may be used in lieu of the signed PACE appointment order form if it specifies that Friends Outside is “appointed” or “authorized by the court” to provide services. Most placements can be made within 10 working days of your referral. For more information, contact Martin Sosa (213) 974-4859 (voice mail) or Russell Linderman (626) 795-7607 ext. 102.