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Re-entry Against the Odds Summit was a two-day educational webinar hosted by Friends Outside Los Angeles County to share information and current research about registrants (often referred to as sexual offenders). Often maligned, their recidivism rates are very low.  Many must register for life regardless of the seriousness of their crime.  In this two-part webinar we hear from service providers, legal experts, registrants , researchers and government officials about the challenges facing this population.  Watch the two webinars  to learn the facts and find out how to improve employment and housing opportunities for those  impacted by the registry.   There are links to research materials and other resources below.

“Reentry Against the Odds” is part of Friends Outside in Los Angeles County’s decades-long effort to educate the public about the impact of the criminal justice system and its unintended consequences, in keeping with our Mission of “enhancing the character of justice.”


Research Articles

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Re-entry Against the Odds