The Dads Back! Academy provides comprehensive services for up to 6 months including activities centered on Responsible Parenting, Healthy Marriages, Skills Building and an Economic Stability job preparation program for reentering fathers.


Dads Back Academy is conducted in 3 phases:

Phase #1 – Immersion: Prospective participants will attend orientation; staff will assess eligibility during orientation. All eligible Dads will work with Case Managers (CM) to review and sign the intake forms (ensuring that Dads understand that they are participating in the program on a voluntary basis) and complete additional required forms/surveys and move on to completing the assessment with a case manager.

Phase #2 – Implementation: Clients in this phase will complete the program curricula (parenting, healthy marriage, economic stability), participate in case management sessions, support groups, and get their basic needs met, addressing child custody/child support challenges, and receive services from linkage organizations.

Phase #3 – Independence: Clients will continue to participate in case management sessions, support groups, and receive services from linkage organizations and should be demonstrating measurable outcomes by this phase (e.g., more interaction with their children, improved relationships with the co-parent, gainful employment).

Who qualifies for the Dads Back! Academy? 

  • Must have a criminal record.
  • Must have a child under the age of 24 years old, this can include a step-children or other children you parent.
  • Must adhere to the strict attendance policy.

Register Today!

  • Orientation is every Tuesday at 10am at our location in Watts, CA.

Core Curricula

Responsible Parenting (TYRO Dads)

An evidence-based, 20-hour curriculum is based on the theory of Desistance and focuses on strengthening family relationships, developing self-discipline, creating a pro-social network, and improving self-perception.

Healthy Relationships (Within My Reach)

This evidence-based, 15-hour curriculum is designed for individuals whether or not they are currently in a relationship and was optimized for single parents at low-income levels.

Economic Stability (P2P)

“P2P” (originally named “Parole to Payroll”), 20-hour curriculum provides re-entry employment services and has been informed by focus groups of re-entry job-seekers and job developers as well as best practices by successful re-entry employment programs.

Computer Basics and Financial Stability

The computer basics skills course utilizes a version of the Saint Paul Community Literacy Consortium, a curriculum developed by the Saint Paul Library. The Dads Back! Academy utilizes lessons on operating a computer, internet use, and the Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point).

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