Friends Outside Los Angeles County has great success with state-funded program

Dear Friends of Friends Outside in Los Angeles County!

Congratulations to our clients and our staff who completed our California Workforce Development Board-funded grant, Forward Focus, with flying colors!  Here are just some of their accomplishments:

What we were contracted to do
What we actually did
Enroll 135 parolees and county probationers (clients) into the ForwardFocus program
Enrolled 135 parolees and county probationers (clients) into the program
75 clients to attain an industry-recognized vocational training so they are more competitive for employment
75 clients attained industry-recognized vocational trainings
81 clients to attain employment
82 obtained employment

The jobs they obtained included the following:

Truck Driver

Warehouse Associate

Forklift Mechanic

Housing Attendant

Security Guard

Union Construction Trades (Plumber, laborer)
54 clients to retain employment
67 clients retained employment

Kudos to Helena Henderson, Case Manager, and Jose Cosme Sandoval, Job Specialist, who did this great work with our great clients under the leadership of Irena Seta, Director of Employment Programs!