Joyce Ride

Paying Tribute to Former Board President Joyce Ride

Women’s History Month – Paying Tribute to Former Board President Joyce Ride

Photographed: Joyce Ride

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Joyce Ride was an Encino housewife when she became a board member for Friends Outside in Los Angeles County (FOLA), c1984. A self-described person who “can’t stand injustice,” Joyce visited the county woman’s jail for many years, later driving to the California Institute for Women in Fontana every weekend to visit females in state prison.  Mrs. Ride (Joyce) spent a significant amount of her own time and money to gain the release of an imprisoned woman, Gloria Killian, because she believed in her claims of innocence. Upon her release, Gloria was invited to move into Joyce’s home.   

While daughter Sally was exploring outer space and daughter Karen (“Bear”) was becoming a Presbyterian minister, Joyce became the President of our Board of Directors. A fighter for women’s equality, Joyce hired women for whatever work that needed to be done and sported a personal gift, a bracelet, from Gloria Steinem on her wrist. In 1988, Joyce hired me to work for FOLA.  A “why use 10 words when one will do” sort of person, I gradually learned a few things about Joyce, such as that she was a gas station attendant while a student at UCLA. Joyce was a popular speaker. She spoke deliberately with carefully chosen words, commanding an audience’s attention when she spoke about the injustices in the criminal justice system, such as imprisoned women being shackled during childbirth. As for me, hired without many credentials to do my job, Joyce was always there for me, quietly guiding me along with unquestioned support.  

Today, Joyce is a nonagenarian and Bear is a retired minister. Sally, who died in 2012, was honored with a postage stamp by the U.S. Postal Service in 2018. And, this month, Sally and Maya Angelou will be the first two of 20 women who will be honored over the next four years by the U.S. Mint with quarters that will be released in their honor.  

Photographed: Mary E. Hunt, Joyce Ride, and Gloria Steinem

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The more I got to know Joyce, the more I began to understand how she grew up to do exceptional things. Joyce refused to fall into line with stereotypes and fought without compromise for the underdog. And, four decades after I met her, it has become abundantly clear how she and her equally impressive husband, Dale, would raise two girls who would, themselves, become accomplished leaders in non-traditional fields.

Thanks for believing in me, too, Joyce.

Mary Weaver

New Publication – Improving Outcomes for Individuals with Sex Offenses

Improving Outcomes for Individuals with Sex Offenses

Friends Outside Los Angeles County is pleased to announce the release of its publication, “Improving Outcomes for Individuals with Sex Offenses.”  Written in partnership with two researchers, Luis Barrera Castanon, Ph.D., and Marco Murillo, Ph.D., the publication is our final report to the project funder, the California Workforce Development Board.   We undertook the project because of the dearth of information about persons with sex offenses (“registrants”), the myths surrounding them, the stigma against them, and the facts about them.  (For example, did you know that this sub-group has one of the lowest recidivism rates amongst persons with criminal records?).  “ Improving Outcomes for Individuals with Sex Offenses” summarizes our two-year project including the history of sex offenses, research methodologies and findings, input from registrants themselves, and a summary of our very successful pilot project through which 67% of the registrants we served obtained employment.

Toolkit:  Improving Outcomes for Individuals with Sex Offenses

The Toolkit begins with a briefing about the history of sex offenses, background information about registrants, and the stigma against them.  Part #1 was written for workforce professionals and other services providers and includes exercises for individuals and groups to think through any concerns they may have about serving registrants, group activities to address those concerns, and tips for serving them.  Part #2 was written for registrants themselves and includes tips for addressing some of their common challenges and a Personal Self-Assessment Tool with which they can identify their goals, challenges, and support systems and customize a plan to help them reach their goals and overcome their challenges.


Fatherhood Project

We are excited to announce the return of our reentry fatherhood program, the Dads Back! Academy F.I.R.E.!  Our goal is “To support re-entry dads in their pursuit of becoming the best parents they can be through parenting skills, healthy relationship skills, and economic stability.” 

Eligible men are the following:

  • Fathers with biological children, step-children or children currently or expected to be in their care, and
  • Have a child or young adult who is up to 24 years of age (regardless of relationship status), and
  • Are within one year of release from custody.

The program is being provided virtually during the pandemic.  Services will begin to operate from our offices in Inglewood as possible based on public health safety.

To learn more or to find out how to get involved, please do the following:

Join us and become the best dad you can be!