FOLA Stands Against Hate

Dear Friends,

I had intended to write something about National Women’s Month in general but now must write something more specific to our Asian-American sisters.  I am using this space to condemn racism of all kinds.  I hope that everyone who reads this post will take a moment to ask what they can do in defense of these appalling acts.  Some suggestions I just received from an Asian-American colleague are as follows:

  • Speak out in moments of injustice
  • Check in with your Asian-American friends and family
  • Call your local, state, and federal representatives to see what they are doing to support the Asian community
  • Follow StopAAPIHate on social media

My colleague also provided these resources:

Horrible things happen when “good people do nothing.”  Please take action and please be safe.


Mary Weaver

Executive Director

Friends Outside LA County